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Nov 02, 2023


Robin Capper

Nice*, I got Cds of the few albums I had accumulated but just discovered my only VHS machine has died so have to tackle some rare music stored on that format (as hifi). I think it is just load/feed rubber belts as was playing ok until I changed tapes and it ate a non-precious test tape. Had not used for ages, years, and put in a tape to see what happened.

* Process, and the albums in your examples

Ralph Grabowski

I have found that after a decade or three, belts made of rubber sometimes turn into a black sticky goop, rendering the machine unusable.

Glad you like my musical taste! 


Fairly sure it is just a gummy belt. I found the exact service manual for the model (an AU/NZ specific one so a bit surprised) and it looks like the belt is under the load/tape drive module, requires removal of it, so not a simple lid off fix. Going to order a belt and have a go as nobody services them anymore, even independent places have given up due to lack of parts.

I have loved PMG for decades, have seen Pat perform twice in NZ but sad I never saw the group, Lyle, perform in person. Do have a special memory of listening to his music (the first Solo album) in an extraordinary setting...


Ralph Grabowski

Vancouver Canada is not a popular stopping over point for big jazz stars, but I did get to see Pat Metheny twice.

My wife and I had tickets for Keith Jarrett, but when we arrived at the concert hall, the gates were locked, and a handwritten sign told us the concert was cancelled and to get refunds for our tickets -- I sure regret that one!

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