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Sep 12, 2023



Some quick follow up questions come to mind:
- Which ChatGPT version was being used and what date were the tests run?
- Would a non-LEDAS employee who uses ChatGPT replace a LEDAS employee who doesn't?

It also comes to mind that the reason ChatGPT is so bad at referencing sources is possibly that OpenAI have worked very hard to hide that they were trained on data that they didn't have the rights to.

Ralph Grabowski

Never mind that ChatGPT returns untrustworthy statements, I think what will sink it is plagiarism.

At one time, Google planned to plagiarize all the world's books by copying them, both digital ones and by mass scanning paper ones, without compensating the copyright holders -- as part of its "collecting all the knowledge in the world" ethos.

Then a large round of law suits forced Google to pay compensation and provide links to sources to purchase them or loan them from a library.


I wouldn't take a bet against OpenAI having deliberately trained ChatGPT on pirated materials. We really don't know what kind of ethical contortionism they perform to justify themselves to themselves.


I find the conclusion interesting. "Sure, the computer delivered incorrect or useless information in 3 out of 3 tests. But it's totally helpful!" The whole "ChatGPT is a pathological liar" problem aside, the more general problem with all of these "code without coding" ideas is that by the time you have adequately specified the problem so that a correct solution can be generated, you've written a program yourself. Might as well just knuckle down and plan on doing the work yourself from the start.

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