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Nov 23, 2022



Sinds begin februari heb ik een nieuwe laptop met Windows 11 en Ik had hier hetzelfde probleem, dat u beschrijft. In Windows 10 had ik met Paintshop pro 6 geen probleem. Nu heb ik de stappen ondernomen die u aangeeft in Windows 11. En ... het werkt. Fantastisch. Hier word ik echt blij van. Dus heel erg bedankt voor uw artikel.

Ralph Grabowski

(Translated from Dutch)

Since the beginning of February I have a new laptop with Windows 11 and I had the same problem here, which you describe.

In Windows 10 I had no problem with Paintshop pro 6.

Now I have taken the steps you indicate in Windows 11. And ... it works.

Fantastic. This makes me really happy. So thank you very much for your article.

Karel Vais

Hello people

I have similar problem PSP 6.00 on win10 Pro. PSP went to install and went to boot for some time. After this time, it cannot be started. I have a trial version that is cracked. It has been running in win XP for several years without a problem. In win 10 the crack does not work because Anim.com and Psp.com files cannot be run. Win says: This application cannot run on your computer. To find the version for your computer, contact the software publisher. I have a legit Win10Pro (64bit haraware and software). Why do some *.com files run and others not?
Is it still possible to get the full version of PSP 6.00 somewhere?
Thanks for any reply. Karel.

Ralph Grabowski

You can get older versions of PaintShop Pro at no charge from http://www.oldversion.com/windows/paint-shop-pro/, going all the way back to v2.0 (1993).

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