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Oct 03, 2022


Simon Weel

As for the hardware lock - that was quickly done and dusted in the US, but not for the rest of the world. I think it lasted 'till AutoCAD release 12 in Europe. If memory serves good, it was a serial dongle up to release 10 and then changed to a parallel port dongle.

As for 'the letter' - we were served that a couple of years ago. Not the most user-friendly folks at Autodesk. Guilty until proven otherwise. As noted, a lot of time is involved proving you're not using illegal software. The biggest joke being the Inventory tool provided by Autodesk. Don't know if it has changed over the last years, but we were supposed to use a third-party tool in trial mode. How ironic - Autodesk wants it's users to use a license inventory tool in trial mode to check for their licenses. Anyway, it served a lot of data that didn't make any sense. I believe we used about 200 licenses where we have a staff of 15 persons. After providing the results of the inventory tool, we were asked to provide additional information. No explanation as of why. And never heard of them again. As said, not the most user-friendly folks at Autodesk


Agreement or not, they CANNOT use force to enter your premises (In the US anyway) ,,,,,,Stop them at the door and tell the to go get a court order,,,,,,and then take the computers to your peoples homes and work form home. They will NEVER get warrants to break into peoples houses even if they know where they live. - Not worth it? ---- is risking $80 grand and up fines from Autodesk for things you didn't know about worth it? (They WILL prevail in court on that one too if they catch unauthorized software on one of your machines even if you did not know about it)

I have even kept OSHA inspectors out of job construction sites. (Legal and supported by supreme court adjudication). ,,,,,They got administrative search warrants and came back with the police,,,, too bad there was nobody at the jobsite when they came back. - Nobody working, No violations. Autodesk thugs are children compared to REAL jack booted government thugs like the EPA and OSHA.

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