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Jun 12, 2022


Jim Kenzie

Hi Ralph:

This latest post which my genius son in Ottawa discovered makes my earlier one today irrelevant! It is now downloading email from two years ago, several hundred at a time, but I'd rather have it twice than not at all. I assume I need a separate "app-specific" password" for each personality? Also, I gathered from your references to Telus that you were in Canada, which seem to be confirmed. I'm near Toronto!

Thanks again for this amazing blog, and for letting us enjoy Eudora again.



Jim Kenzie

Hi Ralph:

Not quite out of the woods yet! So far I have only got my "main" email address fixed with the "app-specific password" gambit - I have at least one more to go. (I gather I need a separate app-specific password one for each address?) But on that main address, when I click "Check Mail", it starts to download a bunch of messages, typically some 300 to 400 of them. I repeat the process and get another batch. I've gone through about seven iterations so far, but there's no way I get 300 to 400 messages a day, let alone seven times a day! The "sizes" of the relevant mailboxes do increase with each pass, so it seems to be retrieving older messages, presumably duplicates of ones already there. I have spotted some duplicates, but there's a LOT of messages in there, so I'm not 100% certain if those duplicates might have been there before.

The other weird thing is, it does not seem to be retrieving any NEW messages! The "newest" date I have downloaded since this app-specific fix is June 7, which is about when this issue started. Is it trying to download every email message I have ever received? I have sorted each mailbox by date

Your suggestions have been so helpful - so close, and yet still a way to go! Any suggestions?




Ralph Grabowski

I would go directly into your linked GMail account at http://mail.google.com to see what is going on.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Ralph:

My Eudora downloads are complete! As mentioned earlier, it would only do 300 - 400 messages at a time, so it took 31 passes through the backlog to get them all. But it looks like I'm back in business again.

And again, thank you.

I also stumbled into some other areas of your blog. You are one busy guy! Keep up the great work.



Butch Kemper

An alternative to the Eudora email program is Pandora which is found at http://www.drivehq.com/web/brana/pandora.htm.

Pandora has a very similar Look and Feel to Eudora, costs $14 for version license, and has an active developer who fixes bug and adds new features. Many of the Eudora shortcomings are fixed including Gmail authentication.

Check it out


Rodger E Farrell

Hello Mr Grabowski
I am one of the very long term users of Eudora and very reluctant to change. I do not like the direct gmail interface at all and hope I can continue to use Eudora for a few more years (I am 90 ... dont have to keep it working too much longer )
I had the password problem you describe above and resolved it with a google generated password.
But starting around April a new problem has arisen.
I receive emails into Eudora with no problem.
But when I go to send, most of the time (but not 100% of the time) the messages do not get delivered but are bounced back, by gmail, with a very long notice and this heading:

** Message not delivered **
There was a problem delivering your message to [email protected]. =
See the technical details below, or try resending in a few minutes.
The response was:
550 5.7.1 [] Our system has detected that this message is not =
RFC 5322 compliant: duplicate headers. To reduce the amount of spam sent to=
Gmail, this message has been blocked. Please review RFC 5322 specification=
s for more information. t18-20020a9d7f92000000b00636d911f17dsor675904otp.84=
- gsmtp

None of the message I send are spam in any sense ... they are all ordinary personal and business messages. The problem seems to occur whether the is one single addressee or several addresses
Sometimes the messages to a given addressee are delivered ... sometimes message to that same addressee bounced back.

This problem does not exist if I send messages from the gmail interface (which I do not like) nor does the problem exist with messages orginated on ipads. It seems to be a strictly Eudora problem.

Is there any hope for this situation ?? Is there anyway you can helo me ?

Many thanks

Ralph Grabowski

The problem you appear to be experiencing is intermittant, meaning that the problem lies outside of your email system. Upon doing some research, it looks like other users of other email systems that have the same problem and that...

>Google may be associating a misleading rejection message to this bounce.

This article might be helpful for your ISP:

Gordon Howell

I cannot bear to give up Eudora -- I have 7600 e-mail boxes in it !! (as I keep track of all my work projects)

I always use a lot of substituted drives on my old XP Pro computer (almost all the letters of the alphabet are assigned)

On my Windows 10 computer, I can set up the substituted drives using the subst command in a BAT file, just like I did in XP Pro... and it works fine for Explorer.

However Eudora doesn't recognise those substituted drives !!! How am I able to get Eudora to recognise them?

Thank you,

Ralph Grabowski

I found this utility; maybe it work for Eudora.


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