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Dec 31, 2021


A Subsciber

One of my brothers is one of those who will not live inside.

He's been offered a brand new suite in condo towers for the "homeless" a number of times over the years, but prefers the mental and emotional peace he finds sleeping outside a church in the upper middle class area we grew up in as kids.

I visit him every couple of days at a predetermined time and place to give him his allowance of funds to keep him fed and with smokes. With the recent very cold weather in Vancouver, there were a couple of times my fear of not seeing him alive arose thinking he might have not made it through the frigid night, but he showed up with no mention of the cold. He's 74 years old so he's done well to live this way for decades.

He's labelled as being homeless, but, in reality, his home is what we call the outside.

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