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Jan 04, 2021


BIM user

You try to prove than the steam trains is better than TGV...
CAD drawing is faster than BIM „drawing” ... ? You don’t have right !!! Why ? Because you don’t understand what advantages have BIM methodology. If you want to use BIM program only to create drawings you should stay in 2D cad or even hand sketch... you don’t need to wait for computer boot up.
Try to get any information from your simple CAD drawing (this is only lines and text)... for big for exp 50000sqm building- how much m3 concrete? How much steel, what levels, create cross sections in 50 places, and you’re fu..k up. Hire 10 people and give me answers after few months...From BIM model you can get this informations using few clicks.

Alexander Yampolsky

It's not a great problem to get quantity takeoff from drawings automatically.
See at http://isicad.ru/ru/articles.php?article_num=21202
(use Google translation).
A description of the implementation of this feature will appear in the second part of the article.

Peter in Florida

The author's premise that "BIM does not work" needs to be much more specific - which part of BIM doesn't work for him? BIM does, in fact, "work", for multiple disciplines, and it is an adequate design solution for many construction projects. There many are flaws, of course - even the vendor recognizes that it is not perfect, even for its primary purpose of generating revenue for shareholders.

A more useful exposition might be to compare the flaws of BIM versus the flaws CAD, then overlay that onto your discipline and project type, to see which solution is best for each. Ideally, you are still free to choose the solution that works best for you.

Alexander Yampolsky

BIM does not work where it proclaims the revolution (rejection of drawings, single model, automatic extraction of drawings from model).
BIM works where it differs nothing from traditional design (the use of variety of specialized models, the use of automation).

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