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Dec 10, 2020



Could you run it in a virtual machine? For example, computer is running Windows 10 64-bit, while Eudora is running in a 32-bit Windows 7 VM?

(Also, it might be worth trying a Windows 10 32-bit VM, especially an older vintage. 32-bit Windows 10 seems to have better compatibility than 64-bit. We have a machine we just made, special order, that has to run Windows 10 32-bit 1909 - NOT the current 20H2 - because it uses 20-year old hardware and software designs that don't work with 64-bits, and finally won't work with the latest 32-bit Windows 10. OTOH, I have to give MS some credit - can you run 20-year old binary (not source) software on the latest Mac or Linux versions?)

Ralph Grabowski

I think I made it work on Windows 7 by setting the Compatibility property of Eudora.exe for Windows Vista, and then run it at the Administrator Level.

A friend tells me he got it work on Windows 10, and I've asked him for the details.



I believe eM Client provides all the features you're looking for. With version 8. they now also include an option to launch multiple windows. I like the ability to create template emails, and can send out as a mass email, such as a reminder to your reading group.

I would wouldn't recommend using google as your mail system. I see it as being geared towards general consumers rather than for professional use. They dictate too much over what you can and can't do with your own email account. i.e. You lose sovereignty over your communications. For example. it is impossible to send an AutoCAD script (.SCR) file as an attachment. If you try it doesn't provide any messaging to the fact it hasn't been sent, or why, it just disappears. Same happens with receiving. I had a printer company repeatedly try and send me some printer drivers for a printer that we were having trouble with. Never received the email, never received a message to say that it had been blocked either.

Ralph Grabowski

My solution to sending files that Google censors is to use a cloud service, pCloud in my case, to make the transfer.

Thanks for your tips on eM Client.

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