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Oct 30, 2020


D. R.

One addition to you latest post on mailing software. If you can run
PHP on you webserver, one thing to look at is PHPLIST. Does all you
want, for free and completely under your control.

Ralph Grabowski

The problem with a home sever is that my isp thinks I am sending out spam when I send more than 100 emails at a time. Then they block _all_ my emails.

I used to use GroupMail for sending the thousands of emails for many years from my computer. But before sending out the newsletter, I needed to contact the isp to whitelist me, and then wait a few hours for them to implement it.

The whitelist would last 48 hours, so I had to do this every week. Final, five years ago, they told me they would no longer provide the service. That's when I signed up with MailChimp.

Bill Fane

Further to your comments about the icons in MailChimp: I agree wholeheartedly! I HATE ICONS! Especially when they "update" them (read "redesign") with each new release. I find that I spend an inordinate amount of time hovering over each icon in turn, waiting for its tooltip to appear so I can read the word to see if its the one I want. Traditional Chinese uses something like 450,000 icons while the introduction of modern Chinese managed to cut it to about 4,500 depending on who you ask, AutoCAD uses over 1,300, but Eupoean languages can say pretty much all you need to say in just 26 basic letters, 10 numbers, and a dozen or so punctuation marks.

Steve Wells

"Don't overuse icons attempting to encode abstract concepts into cryptic symbols. It doesn't work; ask any archaeologist."
Duff Kurkand, the Release 12 AutoCAD Customization Manual, page 98.

When I met Duff (a founder of Autodesk, for those who don't know), he told me he had pretty much single-handedly written all the AutoCAD manuals through at least Release 10.
Unlike Bill Fane, I like icons—well, some of them—especially when I create them myself so I know what they mean. But, I have found Mail Chimp to be a cryptic experience at best during the many times I've had to use it.

Ralph Grabowski

He certainly set the standard for technical publications, and I appreciated him for that.

DIsappointing, then, that Autodesk subsequently forced only icons on the status bar.

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