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Oct 08, 2020


Steve Wells

When emailing a DLL or other suspected file type (MSI, EXE, &c.) to a friend, I rename the file type to something inoffensive. For example, I rename MyUseful.exe to MyUseful.txt and include a note to rename the file type back to exe. Good enough for most email systems.
An anti-virus program still might intercept it. For that, I might compress it (ignoring that the resulting file may not be smaller) and send it as a zip file. The anti-virus software might flag the file but usually lets it through with a warning.

Regarding LAME, it's classified as a recursive acronym, like “GNU” (GNU's Not UNIX). For those not familiar with recursion, I provide this pair:
To understand iteration, you study it and study it and study it and study it ...
To understand recursion, you first must understand recursion.

Ralph Grabowski

I have tried that trick but I find that Google parses the content of the file in order to determine whether to block it. This is concerning, as Google could become like Twitter and block emails because their political content.

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