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Sep 15, 2020


Owen Wengerd

Now you're talking my language, Ralph! Always good stuff from LEDAS, but I disagree with Ivan's conclusion that it is better to not make the base visitor class abstract. I think the top-level base class should *always* be abstract, a pure interface. An intermediate second-level base class can be introduced with "empty" implementations of all virtual functions. In this way "you can have your cake, and eat it too". Then, each implementation scenario can decide which base class is most appropriate for it: the top-level abstract base that ensures compile-time errors in case the abstract interface changes; or the non-abstract second-level base if the implementation doesn't care about changes in the top-level interface.

Ivan Rykov

Hi Owen,
nice to meet you here and I'm very pleased that you've got up to this level of details.
Good note and I agree that it quite makes sense.


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