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Jul 30, 2020


Fernando Gonzalez

Hi there,

It seems like an association of companies with obvious profit interest is trying to cut expenses... how is this different to what we doing everyday going to the supermarket? Do we have control over the price of... potatoes? or trendy Avocados?

Let me highlight something from personal experience. I had a boss that wanted to automate everything and make modular construction because he realised on the benefit he could have from cutting construction costs by pre-fabricating. A classic BIM approach.

Now, what he did not realised at the begining is that he'd have to increase significantly the design inversion in hours and tools enabling the task... when he did it was too late for 2 reasons he didn't bring right specialists able to predesing AND he didn't use the right tools, and those tools are expensive... all good tools are expensive, especially if are digital in this increasingly digitalised word... So he admitted that Autodesk flows would have work when bankrupting... he made is choice. I do not get why the obssesion with Autodesk here...

Second point, and as mentioned what happened to my ex-boss is happening at an industry level, everything is digitalising and there is a HUGE investment from software companies supporting that change (but dont get confused here, Software Companies are addresing Industry needs... NOT the opposite way) So, when this ECIF is proposing that paper are actually not understanding the same that my ex-boss missed, that the inversion is balancing towards DESIGN stages and PRE-CONSTRUCTION stages. That's the whole point of BIM and some construction firms are missing the point because they have significantly LESS benefits rather than more expenses, that of course are justified by the investment made by not only Autodesk but others too. I'm a fan of BENTLEY for example...

So what are we talinkg about here? you do not want the Avocado? take the Donut... let's see for how long you'll benefit from it...

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