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May 25, 2020



Hello Andrey,

Thank you for an amazing article, this hack is a very interesting one! Unfortunately, the code of the compile-time counter looks like it is cannot be compiled with clang 13. I mean the static asserts fail and the counter is not being increased after each static_assert, the function `next()` always returns zero.

I've fixed the code with the following changes, I hope it could be suitable for the readers.

1. Use just typename = decltype([]{}) as the last template parameter in the reader(int) template function instead of auto = unique(). I have no idea why, but the compiler cached values without this change and reader<0>(int{}) just returned 0 in the first time (since the overloading for float was selected) and 1 all the times after this.

2. Add another int template parameter in the next() function template before the R, R should depend on this new parameter:

template (int{})>
constexpr int next() {
return R;

Without this change, the next() function just returned 0 even if the reader<0>(int) works as expected (so, as the counter).

Anyway the post is very useful for every C++ learner and professional.

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