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Oct 24, 2019


Stacey Boudreaux

This published story is a good read. Mr. Jon was "spot on" in his comment regarding Autodesk's position on SaaS as the cloud platform

".....They [Autodesk] say that the cloud future is SaaS, it's just they don't back it up with the goods yet. We align completely on the idea that you have to have a pure cloud, pure SaaS platform and offering. Autodesk today offers a partial solution, mixing installed software with cloud, partial cloud services, and so forth....."

I can say that I've experienced some "mealy mouth" moments with Autodesk, as it pertains to the company's goals and business models moving forward. I digress.

Although, I did want to comment regarding the full-speed-ahead trend we are witnessing moving beyond hard copy spreadsheets, uncontrolled documentation, 2D or 3D unintelligent models, and as someone stated above ".... sharing data by copying files, often thousands of files among different people and tools....", and into the buzz of real time simulation, generative design, additive manufacturing, IoT, AR, edge, Manuf 4.0, digital twins, with 5G in there somewhere. I have begun capturing available documentation and white papers in an attempt to wrap my mind around the reason or use of each technology and the play-by-play process in execution. I can say I'm having trouble getting past the security issues of ANYTHING moving to-and-fro on the WWW. Although in researching this topic, I feel like I'm being fed with a fire hose, I appreciate articles like this and the effort I know it takes to publish it. thanks.

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