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Jul 19, 2019


Bob Mileti

It's really pretty simple... CAD on the Cloud is for Marketing types, not Engineers/Designers doing the real work.

Ask the Credit Card company Capitol One how their 110 million customers data was stolen... "Who's in your Cloud"?


Anyone doing non important stuff can afford to loose meaningless CAD data and IP to hackers. Anyone who is serious about their work keeps it out of harms way.

Devon Sowell

OnShape is the biggest secret to CAD users. Yeah I tried it, didn't like it. The Tabs at the bottom of the screen don't work for me. The confusing Merging feature makes things more complicated for me. The most surprising thing for me is the arrogant attitude of the upper management. I had a crazy run in with an OnShape employee, and their response to the situation was just as crazy. A 180 degree turn about from the good old SOLIDWORKS days when all was good. Oh well. Back to work using Fusion 360.
Devon Sowell

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