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Apr 23, 2019



I remember when logitech mice had separate x and y acceleration. Very good for different shaped monitors. But they dumbed it down to one setting and now, to no setting.

I used the logitech left handed mouse fo0r years, buying one ofter the other as they wore out, even bought the switches and soldered new switches in, after new mice were not available.

With the advert of really good usb mice these days, my next mouse will probably be a frankenstein home-made version suitable for left handed use. Not how I wnat to spend my time, but looks like it is needed. For a driver, the best one out there is the one given out with the warmouse. Has all the features you could want in a driver, too bad the mouse itself has some problems with the scroll wheel design,

Steve Mitchell

Eric Allen

Buy a few more backups. The last time Logitech stopped making my favorite mouse I could only find used models for $400+. People knew the new model was awful and knew what they had.
I also hate the MX 2S. Luckily I also wear the IT guy hat and have hoarded 3 spares since I go through them so fast.
Lastly, that shiny metal band is actually some kind of plating on plastic. My "metal" is partially worn off showing some translucent white plastic.

De Etta Ewing

I also found the exact same to be true, returned the poorly functioning new Logi Mouse, Its smaller size was a huge disappointment. Still using my trusty old Performance Mouse!


Acceleration with Logitech's Options software is controlled by "Enhance Pointer Precision" under Windows 10 Settings, Devices, Mouse, Additional mouse options, pointer options tab. Checking the box turns acceleration on.


Acceleration is applied using the "Enhance Pointer Precision" under Windows 10 Settings, Devices, Mouse, Additional mouse options, however, once you close that window, the acceleration is lost as the mouse defaults back to Logitech's restrictive software. I am having to use my PC with the mouse options continuously open. This is totally crazy! Any further suggestions welcomed.


I just switched to a new PC and I noticed that the pointer speeds with my MX Ergo are finally fast with Options, Brendan... So I no longer have to keep the mouse-settings windows open as I have for the last 3 years!

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