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Apr 09, 2019



Do you know of any mirror site for the iOS Pebble app?


Unfortunately, the first step in that app, Install the official Pebble application, fails. I'm not able to find it on Google Play.

My devices are using Nougat and the latest (version 10, was Q but they changed the naming scheme). Does this still work for older devices?

Rebble.io has, supposedly, recreated a lot of the web services needed to get a Pebble fully-functional but ... you can't use them until that first step succeeds.


@Meower68: Rebble.io has links to places where you can download and side-load the original pebble app, since it is not in the Google Play store.
I have a Pebble 2 that ceased to connect to my Pixel once I updated to Android 10. But I hear that's not the case for everyone. I'm hoping that maybe it will connect to my next phone.

Adam James

I have a pebble round and a new phone. Is there a way to install it from scratch. I can't find any info anywhere.....


I use rebble.io and it works perfectly. The app works just like it did before Pebble went down. They have a guide on their site that you can use to install an older version of the Pebble app and reconfigure it to point to their servers for watchfaces and apps. I can't gaurentee every watchface survived the transition, but all the watchfaces I had made were there and every one I could remember from other users was also there.

Jack Evens

Learnt a lot from this post! Cheers :)

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