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Dec 06, 2018


Jim Thoreson

I have three sets of lights that are programmable using a remote control. Last year they worked, but his year, on two of the strings, only every 4th light works on the whole string. I have checked all the bulbs - AOK. The third string still works normally. I can't find any brand name on them, and can't remember where I bought them. Any suggestions on how to fix them.

John R

Interesting idea but -
the prongs were bright and shiny. and polishing didn't change their appearance
It is the first third of the string that is out, ie the third that is closest to the male plug.
If the problems is voltage drop there must be another factor at work.


John R

Tom Ortega

I have a string of LED Christmas lights with a problem , about 1/2 of the lights are on but very dim the other second half is on normal . The next string which is plugged in after the problem string works normal . Each string has a control to change the color & sequence which works normally

Sandra Frat

The first half of the string doesn’t work and the bulbs in this half are blackened from the base. Any thoughts?


This type of light often has 2 circuits and if a bulb goes out, that half of the string will quit. You have to try each bulb on the dark half to find the bad bulb and fix the socket conductors or the bulb.

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