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Mar 24, 2018



There are tools in AutoCAD that have never worked right all the time, from the beginning. They still don't. One that drives me nuts is Hatching. Another thing that is also a big letdown - AutoCAD mostly doesn't listen to the user. They change and incorporate things that nobody ever asked for and then they call it an upgrade. We are lucky that there is Bricscad to save the day.


Good info Ralph. The available info on AutoCAD 2019 is very confusing and will add to the frustration we have come to expect from Autodesk. I have personally had AutoCAD since v 2.5 and stopped upgrading at 2011. I now use ProgeCad 2017. ProgeCad has caused me no frustration and works as well if not better than AutoCAD and best of all there is no ever changing subscription and upgrade problems.


As always, excellent reality check!

FYI: I quit using AutoCAD as my main CAD software back around the late 90's.
The reason: It was ancient tech back then, and costs too much in time and labor.
The other reason: Autodesk never listens to its customers.

I remember when I was forced to "upgrade" from AutoCAD R14 to the next release.
I had a $50 add-on that could search and edit ANY and ALL text elements in ANY and ALL drawings.
It was AMAZING!!
Haven't seen anything like it in any 2D or 3D CAD program since then.
I still have the 3.5" floppy disk it came on.

However, the AutoCAD developers, in their infinite wisdom, purchased the rights to that add-on and SHELVED it. Instead of incorporating it in AutoCAD, they crafted their own pathetic version of a text editor that began as a piece of garbage, and grew worse with every new Release. Anybody who's edited P&ID drawings knows that it's impossible to do w/out a 'robust' text editor. I quit editing P&ID drawings after Release 14.

My point: Autodesk stepped on it when they shunned their customers' advice and nosed their investors instead. At least between Release 11 and 14 they PRETENDED to listen to their customers.

GOOD RIDDANCE Autodesk, b/c I'm moving on!


You know what I'd like to see instead of something like this? Related products working together, and Autodesk finishing something

In 2018 if someone does a plant P&ID in AutoCAD P&ID, AutoCAD Electrical can't pull info from said P&ID. or Revit MEP with ACAD E, these related products don't talk at all.

Then there's stuff like no Project Manager for AutoCAD, much less a cohesive project manager for AutoCAD, every vertical has it's own implementation and no the Sheet Set Manager is not a project manager, it's not even finished. So if you're an interdisciplinary form there's manual management of the drawing set, but no built in tool.

Then there's things in Inventor I'd like to see finished because the 60-80% that Autodesk did do killed off 3rd party companies that delivered the entire toolset (how many structural add-ons were there before Autodesk came out with Frame Generator)

Dave Ault

They used to do this with Inventor Pro perpetual seats too. Just before my maintenance subscription ended last December I went to download all relevant updates and what do I see but most of these addons were gone. Here today gone tomorrow and even though they "give" you more things how many of them can you open and work with at one time even by the authorized user? Can they even communicate with each other? 23% staff fired within the last year or so and what you see today is all you are going to get for some time to come. The days of advancement and innovation with ADSK are over since subscription means hostages and hostages are not able to dictate terms nor demand improvements.
I like the new way as a source of gallows humor. Here you go subscribers! Just for you we are going to add a bunch of programs that are not advancing to the one you came here for which will also not be advancing. Funny how the only advancement you can rely on with this brave new Autodesk world is cost increases.

Ralph Grabowski

I and others suspect One AutoCAD means that the add-ons will no longer get new features -- abandonware. Perhaps the idea is to give users just enough of architecture, etc to get them frustrated enough to buy Revit, etc.

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