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Aug 15, 2017


Tom Foster

Is Edge Computing the final coming-of-age of the 'democratic' Distribted dream of computing, inherently inter-operable and bypassing centralised gatekeeper(s)?
If so, why is a Venture Capitalist like Peeter Levine so interested, without plotting yet another ingenious way to create ever-stronger super-rich monopolies?
It was dismaying that the Social Media giants so cleverly trapped inherently (we thought) inter-connected internet users into monopolistic siloed traps, to data-mine and re-sell their lives, as described in Ruskoff D - 'Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus'.
Will empire-building entrepreneurs and their Venture-Capital drivers create out of Edge Computing yet another even stronger form of dominance over 'us'?
Or is this really part of the end-game of Capitalism, as hyper-productivity dries up the profit motive and a Distributed Commons-based economy grows, as foretold in Rifkin R - 'The Zero Marginal Cost Society'?

Ralph Grabowski

When you read Peter Theil's 'Zero to One' you learn that the plan always is to turn a service into a monopoly. The 'zero' refers to no business and the 'one' to the business as monopoly, like PayPal.

Tom Foster

Yes indeed but there's a hope around that that perennial phenomenon is a function of profit-motive capitalism, and if profit as a driver is drying up - Jeremy Rifkind's (and others') future-gazing perception - then 'winner takes all' as biz model may no longer be possible and populations will no longer have reason to collude in that.
Or will new forms of monopoly be invented and will 'we' allow it?

Nerd 4 Hire

As an autodidact who fixes computers using self-trained methods, I've never come across a proper cloud verses edge computing before. Thanks for taking the time to do this as I learned a lot!

Sincerely, Wheeler from Computer Repair Nerds

Robert James

That’s cool that managed cloud service providers can help simplify operations. The greatest things in life are simple. I've never come across a proper cloud versus edge computing before. Thanks for this.

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