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May 23, 2017


Plessey Mathews

I got mine last week after reading up your adventures with it. Purchased at Gearbest and I paid $165. In my country the netword is GSM not CDMA so no network issues. Hope the photo issue gets resolved. Adjusting the photo mode to Pro photo and ISO 100 manually seems to give a somewhat better quality in my experiments

Ralph Grabowski

It's good to hear the Super is working out for you. I keep checking for system updates, hoping the camera gets fixed!


hello there.i have a umi super.it's a great phone but now i have a problem.it does not charge battery.changed battery pak,change the charging kit on phone still nothing.do you know what can i do?thank you in advance

Ralph Grabowski

The same occurred to my wife's phone, and so I checked everything by swapping out things:
- Try a different charger
- Try a different USB cable

In her case, it turned out that the USB cable had somehow gone bad, and no longer transmitted electricity.

The only other option I can suggest is to buy another Umi Super, as they are quite cheap now -- US$190 or less.

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