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Nov 17, 2016



This is exiciting!

1. What is the impact on the application's file structure? Is this like Bentley Openplant / Map, where the cad elements in the file are converted into a database format? Whenever editing is required, the elements that need to be edited are checked out / converted into CAD format by the model server middleware.

Or more like Onshape? Where everthing is on the cloud and the user uses a browser as a window into the db in the cloud? The problem here is that you would be screw'd if you don't have good internet speeds.

I guess you could have both a cloud and detached mode?

2. " Instead of discreet applications with their own data formats and siloed users"... does this mean the end of the 1-1 mapping between apps and formats like .rvt? This sounds like the old ProjectBank / EC Components stuff that Bentley proposed back in the late 90's.

I guess this would be the end of ACAD's Object Enablers? If the user checks out a point cloud for editing, then he would also get the associated code pack? What if the user builds an assembly of components generated by both Inventor and ACAD and Revit? As he walks through the structure tree, the associated tools would present itself?

Ralph Grabowski

There are a lot of questions of how this will work, but I think that Bentley Openplant / Map is closer to what Autodesk is working on. I

Steve Johnson

It's all about tie-in and control. Those who are happy to be tied up and controlled, line up here. I'm sure it will all be fine; once Autodesk has a captive audience, surely it can be trusted to not massively ramp up prices? And don't worry about that long trail of dead former-latest-and-greatest Autodesk products, I'm sure this one will be different.


Interesting to watch if all moving towards in-memory computing..specially BIM or simulation tools. For field guys /construction that will be handy and off-line will be key selling point!

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