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Sep 02, 2016



steve gibson probably made it happen https://www.grc.com/tip/codfaq1.htm

Tim Neumann

I remember in the mid-late 90's using an iomega ditto 2GB tape drive for backup. The thing sounded like a lawn mower starting up - what memories! Still have it too, may try like you and see if Win10 will work with it.

Sam Hochberg

As a result of the class-action lawsuit over the "click of death" I was sent an offer of $18 off my next Iomega purchase. I did not take them up on the offer....

Ralph Grabowski

It is pretty sad when the money from a class action suit against a company merely returns to the coffers of the company that created the problem in the first place!

Sam Hochberg

Yes, true. But your Windows 10 compatibility story is inspiring. Now, where’s that old Kurta tablet….?

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