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Aug 05, 2016


Tim Skene

It might be less confusing if you rate chargers correctly with amperes (A) only, rather than amp hours (Ahr). 2.1 Ahr is 1 amp charging current for 2.1 hours or 2.1 amps for 1 hour.
There are free apps for Android which display charging current. Cables can be evaluated by switching the cable while keeping the same charger. A good cable should show nearly the same current in amps (A) as the rating on the charger.


You're mixing Ampere-Hours and Ampere.
The battery has a capacity measured in Ampere-Hours.
The charger can deliver a certain amount of Amperes.
If you charge by 2 Amperes in 2 Hours you have 4 Ampere-Hours.

Ralph Grabowski

I've made the correction to the text. Thx for pointing it out!

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