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Aug 22, 2016


Marty McFly

>Just as 3D tv failed, so too will consumer VR

That is hilarious. Try using a Vive instead of the cheapest product on the market. Remind us in five years how wrong you are today.

Ralph Grabowski

The price of the system I described is US$1,050, so cheaply made, not cheaply priced. I see that the Vive lists for $799.

I've made a note on my calendar to contact you on Aug 22, 2021.

George Berold

I think you missed the significance of the name under the previous post - or did you?

Kean Walmsley

The Vive is indeed the best VR experience I've tried. Even those most prone to sickness generally come away having had a positive experience.

I'm actually less interested in your views on consumer VR than in those about the use of VR in the CAD industry. Or do you also see that as a dead end?

Ralph Grabowski

I report on what I experience with the hardware to which I have access.

Further to your question about VR for CAD: it has been around for years, so there is a niche market that finds it useful.

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