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May 23, 2016


Tim Neumann

Count me among the victims. Was in the middle of a Bricscad session and before I knew it Win10 shut me down & was downloading. Good thing not a lot was lost, but this is downright sinister! My inclination is to revert back to Win7 but if I do will that take a chance of really screwing something up?

Ralph Grabowski

This article may help you move back to normal Windows:

"How to go back to Windows 7 or 8 after an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade" by PC World


Jason Bourhill

Classic Shell is another start menu replacement
Restores some sanity to those with Windows 10.

Windows 10 strikes me as some sort of unfinished art project i.e. It's largely form over function. Has many flash looking windows that open with little to no useful content. In most cases to do anything you need to pick the details option (if there), which simply opens the original Windows 7 one. Why do something in one step, when you can do it in two or three?

Making a VPN connection is the worst. this used to be a simple one step process. Now you have to go through several windows to do the same. Why?????????

My search in Explorer has also got alzheimer's. Can't find files that I can already see in the current folder.

Grant Taylor

Cloudy with a chance of Windows...


I HATE Microsoft. I had no idea how horrible it was with a PC until I got one. At my job, they did have MS computers, but we had an IT person to trouble-shoot.

Then I got a desktop MAC for home. The difference was amazing. I also got a PC for in the living room. Worst decision. The thing (PC) like many have said, automatically updates, you have no warning, no choice. It is barbarian. I hate the PC and MS. Now that I have spoken to so many people, I realize that those who continue to use a PC/MS is because they never tried Apple -- they don't know the difference! And Microsoft plays at the heart strings of people who never tried a MAC. I am on this PC now, and am so aggravated. It already erased my first post, and then it moved me into a different tab. There is no rhyme or logic to it. Bill Gates has left it to, obviously, incompetent programmers, or lazy people, and those who don't know the difference, think they just have to put up with this. Not so! I am going to get a used MAC for my living room and dumping this PC. I become so aggravated using it, and it's not worth it anymore. (Make a bet that Bill Gates secretly uses a MAC.)

A friend of mine in Canada who is a well-known computer person world-wide, is the one who told me to get an Apple. He said to me: "Run, do not walk, to your nearest Apple store and buy a MAC." Until then, I only used Microsoft - at work and home. I DID run to Apple, got my MAC and realized it is a dirty little secret that Microsoft is good. Microsoft, obviously, has no intention to make its machines better -- not to mention taking them over without your permission -- I have lost enough stuff from that. One minute I'm working on a project, and the next, the machine is shutting down -- and I have no control over it!!

Get a MAC - you won't regret it. No wonder Apple has been growing -- as people switch, they don't go back to MS. Maybe people didn't like Steve Jobs, but he was the smarter of the two of them (Bill and Steve). A MAC is truly a beautiful design. Just go through an Apple store and browse - you'll automatically see the difference. I love Apple!

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