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Apr 22, 2016



Well, Bernard Charles and analysts share a twilight zone every quarter along the lines of a Steve Jobs product presentation, but hey as long as the product is good looking, the earnings are above average, or can be explained, and there is a impressive sounding, (albeit nonsensical) action plan in progress, the analysts go away happy and we keep moving along.
I've identified that play before and you wouldn't print my comments presumably because that view is too honest/controversial. Its good to see then every now and again people aren't afraid to publish their own thinking rather than rehash company provided blurb.
Does Bernard make claims and assertions that don't ring true? Possibly. Does Bernard really have the clues these days to lead or are DS still talking in circles in denial over the great Catia Lite in the cloud misadventure? As a humble user I couldn't say however in recent times we have tended to become comfortably numb to disseminated claims and non-stick bravado. Official data like the US jobs report is a case in point. Call me a luddite if you must but I do have suspicions about that too.
Regretfully I do have little or no confidence in Bernard's ability to understand SW users needs and set viable directions for SW.. I am pretty sure having a fashionably blue mono-toned UI for all apps or having CAD on a smartphone is not regarded by customers as a worthwhile pursuit but then who are we to say...perhaps we are just not sophisticated enough to know what's good for us.

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