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Nov 02, 2015


Kelly Janz

and yet you keep dissing Apple and their hardware... I've done three system updates on the home iMac, her phone and her iPad and my wife hasn't noticed a thing. It mostly ...just works... Computers are supposed to serve us, not make life miserable.

Ralph Grabowski

I diss everyone. In this posting, for instance, I diss Android and Microsoft.

Kevin De Smet

Actually, I have updated my iPad Mini a few times and notice it now runs quite a bit slower than it used to. I suppose they just look at newer iPads and don't bother that it makes older ones run slow.

Ralph Grabowski

We have an iPad 2, the oldest one that Apple still supports with iOS updates. It is really starting to drag speed-wise, even for basic OS functions like checking for updates.

Slow speed is not a big deal, however, as we use it as our kitchen radio, mostly.

Ralph Grabowski

I think Apple puts out customized versions of iOS for each device, disabling functions that wouldn't work on older phones and tablets. Of the functions that remain, older CPUs can't process the functions as quickly as newer CPUs do.

Quite frankly, I don't understand the benefit to updating iOS for old iPads when the tablets work just fine for the simple things we use them for, and would run faster without the update.

Windows doesn't do selective upgrades; and we are not forced to upgrade Windows on older computer. (Well, Microsoft is trying that stunt with 10, but fortunately smart people have figured out how to go about avoiding it).

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