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Sep 15, 2015


John McEleney

Congratulations Ralph!

John Gear

Congratulations! I'm sure it has been quote the ride and I enjoy reading everything you publish!

Arnold van der Weide

Congratulations Ralph. Enjoyed all your contributions.

Rakesh Rao

Congratulations Ralph!! Indeed, it has been an incredible journey for you and a very educative one for your readers. I like your unique, creative reporting style and it is indeed one of the best CAD journalism I have read.

Rakesh Rao

While many write about current stuff, you also manage to pull out trivia from the past and bring back nostalgic memories with your writing and pictures about software in the 80's and 90's.

Edwin Schalk

Congratulations! Enjoy your work.

Chuck (Charles Christensen

Hi Mr. Grabowski: I have been using VISIO 5 C Technical when I was =
working and have continued to use it at home for projects around home; =
I recently had Win 7 installed on my computer and was finally able to =
install my VISIO 5C, but have been having problems getting the HELP to =
run. Every year I used this program to create yearly calendars and I =
cannot remember how to do this. I have several of your books on VISIO 5 =
as well as other books and cannot find any that describe how to create =
the calendars again.
If possible could you please send me the steps in VISIO that I need to =
follow to make another yearly calendar?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Chuck (Charles Christensen)

Ralph Grabowski

Here is online help for creating calendars. Let me know if this does not work for you:


Christopher  Eddy

Thank You for all your guidance. I could not have gotten this far with out your support.
Very well done.

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