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Jul 22, 2015



Can this be true about SolidWorks and direct editing? SpaceClaim uses Siemens' Parasolid kernel as well doesn't it, so SW should be able to do all the same stuff.

Incidentally, SpaceClaim's direct editing capabilities fall down pretty quickly if you try to stretch an a-class surface. Game over.

Ralph Grabowski

The capabilities of the kernel are not directly related to the capabilities of the software.


Spaceclaim uses ACIS which is owned by Dassault. Agree with comment by Ralph

Bob Mileti

Funny a whole article on Direct Editing and no mention of Solid edge with it's Synchronous Technology. Also NOT mentioned was that Solid Edge uses the same Parasolid kernel as SolidWorks, however Siemens decided not to share Synchronous with them.

Solid Edge and Synchronous Technology is the best thing to have have happened in the MCAD marketplace and gets no mention... some "newsletter" you got here Ralph!

Charles Clarke

Nice analysis Ralph. Sadly for the vendors it's a moving target at the moment -- changing pricing models, changing software architecture, updating and delivery. Plus we don't know how IoT is going to affect bandwidth, especially in the further flung locations. I am in NZ and I've been trying to use Onshape -- it's seriously bandwidth limited down here.
Kind regards, Charles.

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