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Jun 12, 2015



This is a cool trick. Thanks for sharing this.
Is there any simple method to print the contents of all the files in a directory?


You can add this to your right click context menu for folders quite easily.

I like Windows as an open platform, where it doesn't matter what Microsoft do because you can extend the platform yourself. Unfortunately it's going the other way, and behaving like we're there already will only speed up the transition.


There is a way to get a list from std windows but also includes the folder path.

Select the Folders/Files (can be both) in Explorer
In Windows 8+ there is a \\... Copy Path button in the Ribbon.
In Windows 7 (and 8+) HOLD Shift and right click to see the "Copy as path" option on the right click menu.
Paste into an editor to get a list of the files with path.

Does need some cleanup if you just want file names but works on any PC


"But Microsoft so far is maintaining a stance of deafness towards its customers". Wow - really ?


Type 'cmd' in the Windows Explorer address bar at the location where you wish to open your Command window. Viola!

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