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Mar 09, 2015


Andrew Kimpton

Points 7 & 8 are not quite correct.

A free account can have as many private documents as you like, but only 5 documents can be marked as active. Only active documents can be edited.

Active documents are not public - unless you decide to share them publicly, but that's up to you. Active vs. public are two separate things.

Mark Guthrie

Ralph, thanks for the great overview. Btw, I think you may have a typo in #8. amount->account? 8. To keep more than five files private on free amount, you deactivate the other files (can't be viewed or edited, but are still sharable).


Point 1 directly contradicts points 7-9.
If there was no limit to online storage you would be able to have an infinite number of private documents taking up an infinite amount of space. Instead you are limited to a few private documents and 5GB of storage, at least according to your points.

Now you are limited to 10 private documents with a total storage for private documents of 100 MB, and a total storage limit of 5 GB. Considering the size of the files, that is very little storage.

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