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Feb 17, 2015



If only it were that easy. The IRS will accept your 1040, schedule A and Schedule C from almost any source. I don't think the IRS looks for or cares about Trusted1040™.

The emotional/real cost of switching to a new tax preparation software is minor compared to the battle for the hearts, minds and (possibly misplaced) loyalty of CAD users.

You also have to deal with the FUDdiest of FUD heaped upon users. "You dare consider switching away from our empire? Your castles will crumble and your families will be crushed by your foolishness!"

The CAD companies have forced users to conform for decades. Alternatives come and go but "loyalty" and FUD are the main reasons they go.

Maybe we're finally reaching the breaking point.

Peter from Maryland

Well, one can hope, of course. However, my suspicion is that 50% of ADSK product users do not have much influence on the software selection - their company makes the buying decision, then their employees routinely waste 10+% of their time working around software flaws.

I've been saying it for over a decade: The only real solution is for individual users to become ADSK owners, which is still permitted in the USA. If one million suffering users were to start a stock-buying organization, set up so that each user buys one share of ADSK stock per pay period (at ~ $40 per), in two years that organization would have controlling interest in ADSK. From there, the organization could STOP the stupid annual release cycle, which would improve the software, the users loyalty, and everyone's workday. Or we can just continue to complain to the ether ...

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