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Jan 30, 2015



This book intrigues me, but as a full time advanced CAD user without a maths degree, I'm not sure if it's for me?

Kevin De Smet

Of course it's not for you! I once bought a book on NURBS that ended up much more about the mathematics despite it having "with a historical perspective" in the title and it didn't seem too maths-y from the short description. Like Ralph states, these books have their place for software developers but for users it's not very valuable (or I should say, there are many more valuable things to focus on reading)

Ralph Grabowski

You are right: so many books and so little time! I have on the go right now.

I would say regular people should buy this book to see what the math behind CAD software looks like. We would never read more than a snippet here or there; perhaps treat it as a coffee-table book.

We could even show it off to non-technical friends: "Yah, this is the sort of stuff I deal with in my day job."

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