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Dec 17, 2014


Sepp Bauer

Productivity is inverse function of time spent so the claimed increase is correct (mathematically).


Apparently they calculate like this: (10.18-5.32)/5.32=0.913, so it can be said "more than 90 percent".

What I am interested is the number itself. Is it true that the same thing done by a same guy in ACAD 2010 needs 10 hours work, and only 5 hours in ACAD 2015 with newer hardware? I can accept the hardware makes the a lot of contribution to this, but I really don't the ACAD version helps too much. (Unless they designed a specific drawing that takes a lot of advatange of v2015 on purpose)


No, they calculated wrong. You can choose:
1. Go from AutoCAD 2015/Dell 2015 to AutoCAD 2010/Dell 2010 means doing these tasks will take 92% more time (on their carefully selected set of drawings, which probably aren't typical) OR
2. Go from ACAD 2010/Dell 2010 to ACAD 2015/Dell 2015 means doing these tasks will take 48% less time.

AutoDesk/Dell tried to combine 1&2 -> FAIL!

Nancy Johnson, Cadalyst

I think Sepp Bauer is correct. The 92% claim relates to "productivity gained," not time spent. If you can do something in half the time (48% of the time in this case), that makes you TWICE as productive (or 92% more, in this case) because you can double the amount of work you do in the same amount of time spent.

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