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Nov 11, 2014



While there are more useful things on offer in this release than in recent ones I wouldn't characterise this as a return to substance yet. There actually isn't a lot of work being done on extending core capability when you contemplate the nature of the enhancements. At least they have moved along from UI and materials tweaking as being the main stocking fillers though. That just didn't cut it for the subscription money even for ardent believers.
I think it is a misrepresentation of the situation too to say the doubtful future of Solidworks was a irrational fear of the chattering classes. Even a certain past CEO seems to have memory block when contemplating what went down. Fortunately long time users have a clear memory of events to fill in the gaps where marketing is remiss. Actually Dassault were left in no doubt what was thought about their cloud ambitions and they ended up whistling quite a different tune as time went by. It isn't clear what exactly went wrong with their management and coding efforts but they certainly failed to deliver what they intended after multiple attempts. SW users can probably quietly rejoice in DS privately held failure no matter how positively its projected or its history rewritten today in the CAD press. Lets not forget a lot of good SW employees left the company for greener pastures. SW may be in a rebuild phase, a rebuild of confidence and purpose but exactly how the DS SW midrange product line up will all work in together and whether DS really are committed to SW long term isn't certain.


So when it comes down to it Ralph you are another CAD presstitute aren't you?

Ralph Grabowski

If by saying "presstitute" you mean that I am paid for my work,
then yes: 'Design Engineering' magazine pays me to write for them; once
my article is published by their print magazine, I am free to reprint the
article on my site(s).

If, however, by "presstitute" you mean that Dassault Systemes
paid me -- directly through a fee, or indirectly through paid travel or
advertising -- to write this article, then you'd be wrong.


Ralph H. Grabowski

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