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Aug 20, 2014



My opinions and notes:
-- I have the Stowaway keyboard, and it still works fine. It's not good for heavy typing, but better than a display.
-- The best laptop keyboard I've ever used is the Thinkpad X61t's. It feels wonderful. The Thinkpad T41 keyboard is also wonderful. However, I have a USB Thinkpad keyboard (with pointer stick and trackpad) and it's just OK -- I think the extra weight of the laptop makes the keyboard better.
-- For desktop keyboards, I prefer tenkeyless (narrower) keyboards, because they reduce my RSI (less distance to the mouse or trackball).
-- For a great typing experience, mechanical is the way to go (but they're too big for laptops). I have some rubber dome Unicomps, and while they're better than the vast majority of keyboards, they're not close to a mechanical keyboards.
-- My current mechanical lineup is a CM Quickfire TK Blue ($65 new), QuickFire TK Green ($65 eBay), and a Unicomp buckling spring model (unfortunately full size, $50 eBay). The TK's are my favorite, because of their small size and backlit keys, but they are all good quality keyboards (heavy, good construction, good feel). I still haven't decided which touch I like best; the TK Blue has a fairly light touch, while the TK Green and the Unicomp have a heavier feel.

Normand C.

Do you have short stubby hands or what? I have absolutely no trouble reaching the left shift key with my pinky, even on my full size desktop French Canadian keyboard. Seriously, it looks like you never miss an occasion to complain about this non-issue.

For decades we native French speakers were stuck with US keyboards with a key missing, I certainly won't complain that we can get proper keyboards somewhat more easily now. Now if only they were Canadian Multilingual rather than French Canadian.

Ralph Grabowski

Yes, I have short fingers, as you surmise, and so the problem is real.

(My wedding ring is very narrow, due to the near lack of space on the ring finger: between the knuckle and end of finger.)

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