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Jun 16, 2014


Ken E

Red is new? Perhaps to CAD printers. My Designjet Z3100 has a red cartridge. And there lies a sad tale.

Even with the red ink, the printer simply cannot reproduce many shades of red. They all have an orange tint. HP improved the situation with a re-formulated red ink. Great news - but only makes it available for owners of the follow-up model - the Z3200. In effect, HP abandoned the Z3100 owners, leaving them with a sub-par printer. I'm sad to say that I'm one of those owners. There is no reason I know of the would prevent the new ink from working in the Z3100, other than the embedded chip which prevents this. HP's solution is for me to buy a new Z3200. Guess how I feel about that.

Overall, it is a great printer. But so are the current Epson and Canon printers, and I own one of each of those. HP's decision to not release the improved ink on the Z3100 tells me they no longer care about the customer's long-term investment. I have been a long-time HP fan, but I can no longer recommend their printers, if a Canon or Epson model exists that fits your needs.

I find the page-wide printhead interesting, but I don't feel I can trust the company any longer. I feel that any design flaws will not be corrected on the initial model, and you'll have to buy a new one to resolve any such issues. As a DesignJet owner, I can say from first hand experience: Buyer Beware. I'm really sad to have to say that. I miss the old HP.

David Kozina

Your photo made me chuckle. Over the years using different plotters, HP, Océ, Xerox, I have noticed improvements in plot speed, quality of plot (a little). But one thing that has been a generally constant source of frustration has been the output - a really nice set of prints plopped out and curled haphazardly onto the floor.

Reminds me of this classic Far Side cartoon:

(I will say that the plotter we are currently using (Océ Plotwave) seems to be doing much better along those lines - output stacked neatly at the top and so far nothing ending up on the floor.)

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