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Apr 28, 2014



"What is Solidworks except an interface to Parasolid?" asks Thiago.

So is every software - its a layer above the software below it :-)

Jon Banquer

"My mother could use SolidWorks,"... Logoa founder and CEO Thiago Costa

I'd have a request for Thiago Costa's mother. Can Thiago ask her to explain to me some of the complex parent/child relationships that SolidWorks creates that I often find to be very complex and really time consuming to understand.

I've been around CADCAM for well over 20 years and I realize I still have a lot to learn.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

Dries Vervoort

"...use SolidWorks..."
Definy 'use', please? Some skills in CAD take years of honing, no matter what the tool...
Targetting SolidWorks users is just ridiculous imho. I can't see this going any way beyond conceptual design work, which clearly is not the core purpose of SolidWorks. They might stand a chance as an alternative to SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual. It's also supposed to be quick and intuitive. However, that one isn't based on Parasolid and its 'direct edit' tools will be far more advanced (also under the hood) than anything Siemens is willing to license to 3rd parties. For quick and robust (!) concept work you want direct edits, not features.
Don't get me wrong. The idea of having cloud-based feature modeling and rendering is truly amazing, but at least Lagoa should think really hard about the users they're targetting. A SolidWorks user isn't going to switch to this. Especially not if there's tons of legacy data to take along.

Ralph Grabowski

You make good points.

Dassault is strung by its need to use its own CGM modeler and its need for all software to be V6-compatible (even though only 400 customers use V6 to date).

A Lagoa (or other vendor) conceptual modeler that is Parasolid-compatible would be strong competition against SWMC.

Ralph Grabowski

Also, we need to remember that the background of the folks at Lagoa is gaming, not CAD, and so they might not understand the fine differences and long history of how our industry works.

We saw the same thing with sunglass.io, who gave the impression they could win the online CAD war. At least one other MA-located cloud-CAD company has dropped out of sight (I forget the name right now).

Dries Vervoort

And a Parasolid-compatible conceptual modeler would also be vastly more compatible with legacy SolidWorks than SWMC. :-)
Maybe that's what Lagoa is aiming for? Catch the SWMC hesitators and pull them over with the Parasolid argument?
But then again... How much of the essential conceptual modeling technology is Siemens willing to license? ST is exclusive to SolidEdge and NX.

Ralph Grabowski

Well, people could licence similar-to-ST technology from LEDAS/Bricsys.

Jon Banquer

From what I can tell, Lagoa simply doesn't care to learn from experienced CAD users. I wish Lagoa the best of luck because they're going to need it.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn


>> At least one other MA-located cloud-CAD company has dropped out of sight (I forget the name right now).


The URL is down so they sank ...

Jon Banquer

I think we should all be keeping an eye on David Taylor and what he's doing with CADstack.


His ideas for better CAD are often brilliant... CADStorm (ComputerVision), SpaceClaim, etc.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn


sunglass.io also seems to have gone down (i cant login). All their developers have moved on ...

Ralph Grabowski

I can get to the site, but when I sign in, it reports "Server is down for maintenance."

Last tweet was June 2012, but last Facebook entry was May 24, 2013.

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