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Apr 29, 2014



No, it's mainly Apple that screws people over. Apple could have continued to make it available to OEMs (like QNX is still available from Blackberry), but they don't give a d**n about anybody else.

Ralph Grabowski

I think they do give a d**m about somebody: Android. I suspect taking the technology off the market is all about making life more difficult for Google and its non-Apple customers.


My point is they don't care about the existing customers of the companies they buy. They screwed over a lot of customers when they bought the PowerPC chip company and then dropped all the products.

As far as gestures and such go, there are lots of solutions out there, many of which are probably cheaper (such as Aquifi), so I don't think this impacts Android at all.

Alex Dias Teixeira

Am I missing something? Paracosm sold out right?

Ralph Grabowski

As did PrimeSense, , but Microsoft still makes the technology available through Kinect.


I hope Apple's not becoming MS in business practices, no innovation, just acquisition, gorilla body slams of competitor, replicate competitor innovations. Works for a while but...

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