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Mar 30, 2014


Patrick Thrush

I have been using the Logi MX Master mice for a number of years now without any issue. It was after a major Win10 update that problems emerged--the sticking and erratic movements. Oddly, it seemed to come and go. Changes to Logi Unifying software, driver updates, so on, and so forth did nothing to change the behavior. I then found this article and moved the receiver to an empty port on the side of one of my Asus ProArt monitors--a good five feet away from the tower case. Problem solved! Thank you for posting this fix!

Boyd Carter

After replacing my win7 desktop with a new high-power win10, my Logitech K350 keyboard as well as my M510 mouse have been behaving erratically despite a variety of attempts to remediate. A 4 foot USB extender cord now places the receiver away from my desktop and about a foot past my keyboard and mouse. Both work perfectly now. Thank you so much for the solution.


Hello everyone! Thanks for this post. I wanted to share that I had this issue with a Logitech M510, erratic cursor, would drop connection, etc. I switched the batteries from almost dead Kodak AAs to charged (I believe fake) Eneloop Pro AAs, the issue persisted. I unpaired and re-paired the mouse and nothing.
Then I decided to use a brand new se of IKEA AAs made in Belgium and the mouse now works great!!!
So the quality of the battery should be something to inspect IMHO, the fake Eneloops were even heating up inside the mouse! I know my apple wireless keyboard doesn't even accept them so there you go... picky electronics.
Hopes this helps


I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself. My trusty M705 which I have had for years, started doing the erratic jumpy thing. I tried everything before I googled it and presto I found this blog. Works like a champ now

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