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Jan 29, 2014



The truth is hilarious in this case. Shades of !nFuze. Classic Al Dean "yup. That's how you reduce CAD overhead. By doing shit twice."


There will be no need to do "shit twice". With Dassault attempts to force SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual users to a public cloud, make users rent forever, and offer zero interoperability with legacy code SolidWorks, very few companies will want to be forced into renting SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual forever.

Sadly, SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual has a lot of good ideas in it! I like the 2D motion study stuff I've seen so far which seems like it's much better than the approach you have to take with legacy code SolidWorks. I've never liked how legacy code SolidWorks does kinematic simulation. I like the heads up user interface and the non reliance on a Windows user interface. I feel confident that the next new app, called SolidWorks Industrial Conceptual, will offer way better surface modeling than legacy code SolidWorks because it's all going to be based on CATIA's surfacing.

Despite all the good about SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual, I'm confident that very few people will rent it the way Dassault currently wants to license it.

The way it stands right now I see SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual as being D.O.A.(Dead On Arrival).

Dassault's arrogance continues to hurt SolidWorks. Dassault has left the door wide open to start ups like www.onshape.com who will give users more options such as the ability to use a private cloud as well as not forcing users to pay maintenance forever just so their CADCAM software keeps working.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn


I'm waiting for the for the SWITCH app...The SolidWorks I Thought Carefully Here app?

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