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Dec 10, 2013



"Link driving dimensions to Excel, so that making changes to values in Excel changes the model; getting pretty close to family of parts."

What's shown in the video, that SpaceClaim made for SpaceClaim 2014, is so limited that it tells me next to nothing. SpaceClaim needs to do a video just for this new feature. It looks to me like it would take way too much time using Excel and SpaceClaim compared to using something like the SolidWorks built in Equation Editor:


I could be wrong. Hard to really know with the insanely limited video coverage SpaceClaim provided in regards to this feature.

In addition, SpaceClaim 2014 still lacks many of the needed low level surfacing tools I often need to get the job done efficiently or just done period. I love many parts about SpaceClaim and I do see progress but development on SpaceClaim is much, much too slow in this area.

I'm tired of waiting for the needed low level surfacing tools in SpaceClaim that I've been requesting for years so I've decided to start learning Delcam PowerSHAPE which has much better low level surfacing tools than SpaceClaim has.

Delcam PowerSHAPE also has some very good solid direct modeling tools including the ability to very quickly recognize many features in a dumb solid which then get stored in a feature tree and can be edited easily. While this area of Delcam PowerSHAPE isn't perfect and has some warts, it has clearly got some very good ideas. These ideas will only get better if Autodesk doesn't disrupt development on Delcam PowerSHAPE when they purchase Delcam.

From what I can tell so far, Delcam's PowerSHAPE is a much more complete solution for repairing and modifying imported complex geometry, that needs preparation for manufacturing, than SpaceClaim is. The more time I've spend learning Delcam PowerSHAPE, the more I like it... warts and all. Delcam's PowerSHAPE is much harder to learn to use initially than SpaceClaim is but I need more powerful tools to fix the kinds or problems I often run into on complex surface geometry than SpaceClaim has.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

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