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Dec 04, 2013



Roopinder, I was fortunate to consult at Hewlett Packard during an exciting time, 2000-2005. At that time a new SolidWorks test program was started at the Rancho Bernardo, CA, R & D division. Our group used SolidWorks for design & no 2D drawings were ever created. Instead the 3D files were sent over to the in house machine shop & the parts were usually back on my desk within 2-3 days (!) So I got to experience almost 100% CAD/CAM utilization and let me tell you, we could really crank out the work.
Cheers, Devon Sowell


The comment about alienating other third-parties is a very valid one, but if you want the best possible integration, you've just gotta go ahead and do it.

They (and SolidWorks as well) seemed to have no quarrels taking that strategy for their simulations tools as SRAC, Algor and Blue Ridge Numerics.

A key difference might be that, those simulation companies were minor players whereas Delcam in its market of CAM is a very large player.

Hmmm. Interesting indeed!


DS/SolidWorks doesn't understand CAM. They never have and I doubt they ever will. As time goes on you will see more and more DS/ SolidWorks CAM Gold partners get bought up while DS/SolidWorks pretends it doesn't matter.

Kevin is dead nuts on with what he said about integration. I'll take it a step further. There is no way that HSMWorks for SolidWorks will stay equal with the powerful integration HSMWorks will have for Autodesk Inventor or HSMWorks in Fusion 360 (CAM 360)

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

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