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Jul 29, 2013


Guy Vancollie

Been considering the switch to SSD myself, thx for the helpful step by step process.

Kyle Bernhardt

I did something similar with my laptop, and found similar huge gains in performance. One thing that tripped me up was making sure the data was aligned properly on my new SSD, since SSDs store data slightly different that spinning platter drives; you can't just do a direct clone.

This Lifehacker article illustrates a method that makes sure your data gets properly aligned on your new SSD.


Billo Fane

Wow, your new SSD boots your notebook in only 85 seconds!

When I started using AutoCAD in September of '86 we had a 6 mHz 486 computer running DOS with 2 meg of RAM and a 20 meg hard drive. It went from power-on to the AutoCAD command prompt in about 30 seconds. Mind you, it didn't have a ribbon interface or pretty icons or background wallpaper, but it did do its primary job.

R. Paul Waddington

That your 486 was fast at booting, Bill, is of no surprise, as it/you out-ran all of we humble users. You got it years before anyone else -- including Intel it would appear ;-).

Maybe you mean a 286 or possibly a 386 -- if it was a Compaq and part of the first batch of machines made with the first shipment from Intel in late '86.

Bill Fane

Paul's right, I had forgotten. It was a 286 but we had "crystallized" it. This meant putting ever faster clock crystals in until it hiccuped, then backing up one step. We were running a 6 mHz 286 at 10 mHz.

There are two signs of old age; the first is loss of memory....

...I forget the other two.


>>There are two signs of old age; the first is >>loss of memory....

>>...I forget the other two.

The first sign is repeating yourself...

The second sign is, uh, repeating yourself..

Take it from one who knows - or, at least, knew...

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