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Jan 27, 2013



I am looking for a motherboard fit this model from the computer and do not know what is appropriate to have a
Can you tell me about the panel suitable

Ralph Grabowski

Sorry, I cannot help you in finding a replacement motherboard. Perhaps you can get help from forums for Acer users or motherboard tinkerers.


Have you been able to determine what special connector is needed to install the optional graphics card?


I know this is an older post but maybe someone can advise me as to whether this uses a laptop 2.5" Sata HD or a 3.5" Sata HD. Not able to find any info anywhere on this. Need info before I open the back up.

Ralph Grabowski

The model I have uses a 3.5" drive, so there was lots of room to place the 2.5" SSD.

Remember that SSDs don't need to be securely bolted down, like hard disk drives, because they have no moving parts needing protection!


Thanks for your response Ralph. Really helps.


can used m.2 SSD?

Ralph Grabowski

No, M.2 SSDs cannot be used in this model of computer. It uses the SATA interface.

Joe Johnson

Hey Ralph I know it has been a while since this was posted, but I recently started trying to upgrade my aspire zs600 and I wanted to know what can be installed in that pci slot, and whether or not it is an express slot. If my question is confusing at all I am extremely new at this.

Ralph Grabowski

I suppose you can install anything you want in the spare PCI slot -- solid state drive, graphics board... It just needs to meet the specs of the slot, and the physical constraints inside the case.

Samantha Perry

Hello Ralph, sorry to bother you but i have been having trouble with my aspire zs600 i have taken it apart and im not sure but it may be a power port issue, or ultimatley the mother board. Unfortunatley i cannot find ANY pictures of the power port to comPARE and see if mine is in need of replacement. Could you snap a shot of the power port on this model and post or share it with me?

James Bentley

Thank you! Your blog has helped! Now have 8GB of RAM. Would you happen to know if a video card can be added to this computer?

Ralph Grabowski

There is an empty PCI slot, and so a board could be plugged in there

James Bentley

Thank you Ralph,
Sorry, I meant to ask can you add a graphics card? or is it the problem the same as your previous answer.

Ralph Grabowski

For a graphics board, there is the problem of the cable connection to the monitor part of the all-in-one computer, as well as there being enough room to fit a a graphics board, which can be quite large.

For my use of this computer (casual CAD, video editing) the built-in graphics are sufficient, I find.


You do nit need to connect anything to the graphics card. It 's output is looped back through the PCIe-slot. Just took one apart yesterday that had the graphics card inside.

Ralph Grabowski

Thank you for figuring that one out!


Hi, Calvin and everyone.

Really, no cable needed for the graphics card?

My ZS600 originally had no graphics card. Just integrated GPU. One day, it just refused to boot up. The blue LED indicator in the power button lights up when pressed but all I get is blank screen. No BIOS/UEFI. No boot beep either.

So, I bought a buy new RAM (mainly for speed, not for fix), replaced spinning disk with SSD, drain the power (longest was like 2 days completely unplugged, even without the CMOS battery), BIOS jumper reset and unplugged everything from motherboard.

I finally tried the PCIE route. Bought a low profile ASUS Radeon R5 230 (the only card I could buy in town). I had to remove the bracket for it to fit. Same problem.

Looped an HDMI cable from the graphics card to the HDMI In of the board. Then I heard the boot up beep again after a long time. Did some power draining and jumper resets again and toggling between PC Mode and HDMI In, finally got to BIOS and now I'm typing this from my revived ZS600.

Summary: The PCIe stand-alone (no HDMI cable) did not work for me.

1. You think my integrated GPU's busted?
2. Is there a motherboard jumper that forces it to use the the PCIe? Searched every page of BIOS interface - nothing!

Thanks in advance!

Ralph Grabowski

You have done a good job fixing your system, and I agree that it is bizarre that graphics internal to the CPU would stop working.


is posible to add more then 8gb?
is posible to use a vga with more processor using pci slot or minicard 2 slot?

Ralph Grabowski

No, you cannot add more than 8GB. The motherboard limits the maximum amount of RAM.

As for using a VGA with more processor using pci slot or minicard 2 slot, I have no idea!


Hi everyone. I got 16gb on my zs600 running Windows 10 and a1t SSD. All good here

Austin Cooper

My Acer ZS600 PC started beeping last night, When I search on Internet I found that my Ram is gone, Then when I tried to replace ram on motherboard, My PC was not booting up. Then Finally I came across your post and this post really helped me out.


Borricua, Will 16GB work with Windows 8.1? I really hate Windows 10 and would like to keep our Aspire ZS600 with Windows 8.1.

I used this web site to successfully upgrade the PC to 8GB. What brand and part number of RAM did you use?

outlook error 701

The mother board has a spare PCI slot (at the bottom of the photo), and I suspect that this is where the nVidia graphics board would go. I haven't investigated what kind of special connector would be needed to connect it to the built-in LCD screen; maybe another time.

Billy Miller

My ZS600 had a failing hard drive, and with only 4GB of Ram, it was a slug running Windows 10.

I found this thread, and Borricua's post encouraged me to try 16GB despite everything else stating 8Gb was the max.

I pulled the newest BIOS I could find from Acers website which was P11.B0


I swapped the dying drive out for a 4TB Western Digital Re drive I had spare, re-installed windows and flashed the bios. No issues there. Then I swapped out the old ram for 2 sticks of Crucial 8GB, crossed my fingers and restarted.

The verdict: 16GB worked.

now to see what I can do with the pci slot.

Ralph Grabowski

I find the 8GB i sufficient for my purposes, but it is good to know that we could bring the computer up to 16GB, as you found!

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