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Nov 10, 2012



I agree, had a play with the ATOM powered Samsung ATIV Windows 8 Tablet+Ultrabook machine today. Think the UI TKM trinity is nicer than a dedicated touch machine. Waiting to see their i5 version in a few weeks


Hi Ralph,

Are you also using iPad ? I also thinking that iPad cant replace laptop. But looks like Microsoft Surface that can come with both keyboard and mouse will be a good replacement fro laptop.

What do you think ?

And looks like your ASUS similar to microsoft surface.

Ralph Grabowski

>Are you also using iPad ?

Yes, and iPad 2; and I help my dad with his iPad 3.

>But looks like Microsoft Surface that can come with both keyboard >and mouse will be a good replacement fro laptop. What do you think ?

There are too many unknowns about the Surface right now:
- is the build construction good enough (already the keyboard is coming apart)
- how good are the hardware components in the real world: does the battery last long enough? Is the CPU fast enough? Is there sufficient RAM for running programs and storing data?
- does the software exist that you need to operate on the road?

Microsoft is new at building tablets, and does not have the institutional memory that long-time builders like ASUS and MSI have accumulated. The company is sufficiently arrogant that they could fail, like fired Apple executive Scott Forstall.

>And looks like your ASUS similar to microsoft surface.

It does. Except that this ASUS model came out a year before the Surface. The ASUS Transformer TF-101 does everything on the road that I need, except for one thing: the OfficeSuite (Microsoft-Office wannabe) software does not handle revision notes. I may have to look around to see what other software could work.


Hi Ralph,

What I miss with iPad is a mouse. Can I using a mouse with ASUS Transformer ?

BTW for office work have you try Document to Go which is available for Android ?

Thanks for nice sharing...

Ralph Grabowski

Yes, a mouse works with the Transformer. One of the features not publicized much by the Engadget crowd is that Android supports a USB standard (I forget what it is called) that allows peripherals to be plugged in without needing drivers.

This includes external keyboards, mice, presentation pointers, MP3 players, USB keys, other Androids devices, and so on. Of all the peripherals I've tested, the only that one that did not work were external hard drives.

I downloaded a number of office suites for Android, and so far really like Kingsoft Office. Nice looking UO and it handles markups and revisions in Microsoft Word docs.


Kevin E.

Yep. Microsoft doesn't have that much experience building hardware.

You can verify that with this list.


Ralph Grabowski

Nice try, Kevin, but I said "tablets," not "hardware."

Vladimir Malukh


I'm using Dell Lattitue ST from a while. I do different things, including intensive drafting and 3D modelling. And - I never needed the mouse! The reason is somle - Dell tablet has a stylus, a device rather handy, than mouse or finger. Though for text thing I use compact wireless keyboard from RAPOO.

So, mu view - the future is on touch-screens, which can handle both fingers and stylus, though having optional keyboard. Mouse seems becomes obsolete. All this is true not just for mobile devices, but for desktop hardware too - I certainly would like to have 30-40 inches touch screen on my desktop :)

Vladimir Malukh

Oh, I've forgot to mention - this Dell tablet runs Windows (I've bought it with 7, now using 8), not Android or iOS either. So I use all standard CAD/3D modelling software - from DraftSight and SketchUp up to Rhino and SolidWorks.


Ralph, I think the Intel (Atom or i5) Windows 8 tablets will win over Windows RT+ARM. Atom gets close for performance, battery life and can run any Windows app. I find using Office on a netbook quite tolerable for mobile use.
Want ultrabook performance, get the i5 one


Hi Ralph,

Thank you for your clarification that a mpuse can work as pointer controller on ASUS Transformer.

Maybe I will buy one :)
At least now its become of my list.



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