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Nov 29, 2012


Noah Cole

To follow, it is important to note that in his comments on this subject Carl univocally said that although "everything will move to the cloud", he believes this is true for all things and not just Autodesk software. He further clarified that despite "everything" moving to the cloud, this by no means indicates that the desktop products will be going away.

Ralph Grabowski

I signal the dual nature of the software through the word "available" in the headline. I understand Autodesk remains committed to desktop software for the foreseeable future.

Steve Johnson

Noah - Carl Bass has explicitly stated "every one of our products will be used online. The only way to use them will be online."

"Our products" and "only way". This is a totally unequivocal statement that all Autodesk products are going exclusively online. Oh, and it's happening in 2 or 3 years. Try wriggling out of that one.

Ralph - What makes you understand that? Sure, some Autodesk people have said it, but others (including Carl Bass) have said the exact opposite. I don't see how you can interpret this vacillating performance as representing any kind of commitment.

Noah Cole

Steve and Ralph -- I will point you to Cadalyst's transcription of Carl's comments on this subject at AU:


In response to the question if customers will have a choice about working in the cloud or on the desktop:

The real direct answer is, yeah, customers will absolutely have a choice. To the extent people find this the most productive environment to be working in, they should absolutely use it. My suggestion to anyone would not even to move wholesale. Even if you love the vision of where we’re going, what you should do is figure out which of the things that make the most sense and incorporate them one by one — even if you like it. If you hate it, you shouldn’t do anything differently than what you’re doing today.

Steve Johnson

Noah, thanks for the link. It's not clear why Carl is so thoroughly contradicting himself with his "clarification", but let's assume that this version of what he had to say is the "I really mean it this time" version.

Carl says we're going to have a choice.

So is this going to be the same kind of choice customers have about being on Subscription? Sure, you can choose to keep upgrading instead as long as you're happy to pay 70% of RRP every year.

Or is it the same kind of choice AutoCAD users now have about having Cloudy Help? Sure, you can choose to keep using offline Help as long as you're happy to keep using the shoddy crock that was inflicted on users at ship time, rather than the mostly adequate new version? You know, the version that could easily have been provided for everyone but which was deliberately withheld from online users as a matter of policy.

Choice. Hmm. Rubbery concept. People walking the plank had a choice too, didn't they?

Ralph Grabowski

Carl Bass says that Autodesk will make it compelling to use their software on the cloud. I wonder if the compulsion will take the form of making desktop software painful, like they are making it painful to stay off subscription.

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