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Nov 05, 2012



In the nascent app world I will agree with your vision, users will still suffer from the poor UX of Android. Next gen web apps will make the platform choice tilt to the graphics, bandwidth and WebKit performance metrics regardless of OS badge.


To report only 3Q news is to tell only 1 quarter of the story. This is historically Apple's weakest in terms of iPhone sales, as it comes right before the new product launch. I think it's also worth noting that many android phones don't have the processing power, screen real estate, or full google play access to take advantage of CAD software.

That being said, I'm not sure I can see doing any CAD work on a phone of any kind; maybe on a tablet... I wonder who holds the highest market share for tablets? Talk about assoc. malady. Sheesh.

Ralph Grabowski

The numbers are out this morning for worldwide tablet marketshare, and it shows Apple plummeted from 66% to 50% in just three months. In contrast, the marketshare for Samsung doubled in the same time.


Kevin E.

Yes Ralph, and from that very article you list about the iPad marketshare "plummeting".

"IDC attributes this to consumers holding off for the iPad mini, but expects some of these procrastinators will choose Android tablets....."

Ralph Grabowski

The important word is "expects." This is speculative, as opposed to the facts of plummeting iPad market share for the last three months.


As an Android user (phone and pad) I too am frustrated with the 2nd tier app development mentality of some software companies wrt Android support. It'll be interesting to see developer take-up on Windows 8 (RT and Pro) over the next months, won't it?


That CTO wouldn't happen to be SolidWorks would it? They release an iPAD version of eDrawings and yet ignore Android saying the user base just isn't there.

Of course they only created an iPad app, doesn't work on an iPhone which is short sighted IMO as there are far more phones out there than tablets.Especially with the phone screens getting larger and some devices straddling the line between phone and tablet.

They (SolidWorks) are quick to jump on the cloud bandwagon yet don't support the major OS's that make working in the cloud easier.

Ralph Grabowski

No, the CTO was not of Solidworks. He was European.


Market share is not relevant for a company if nobody pays for their apps.

And the fact is that iOS users are willing to pay. Not the vast majority of Android users. That´s the reason why iTunes still has 70% of the revenue of the online mobile stores.

Also, tablets. CAD/PLM/3Dx apps will run on tablets, not phones. And here, the iPad is the dominant player, and will be for the years to come.

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