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Oct 01, 2012


Jon Banquer

If SolidWorks had a clue they would purchase CAMWorks from Geometric and make sure Solid Edge could not get CAMWorks code. No worries for Solid Edge's incompetent US manglement because SolidWorks doesn't have a clue. If SolidWorks did, they would have purchased CAMWorks many years ago from Geometric.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders blog


That would be a good purchase by Autodesk. This allows them to plant seeds into the SolidWorks portfolio and if the code is "good" enough they will be able to port to Inventor easy enough.

Although, the report says that Autodesk purchased "certain assests" and "Autodesk aquires HMSWorks Technology." To me this doesn't mean a lock, stock and barrel purchase. So, I guess we will have to wait and see what this realy means.

Jon Banquer

This is a letter sent by SolidWorks reseller CADD Edge about how HSMWorks handled the sale to Autodesk:

"Re: HSMWorks Acquisition by Autodesk, Inc.

Dear valued HSMWorks user,

As many of you may already be aware, HSMWorks and all of its holdings have recently been acquired by Autodesk, Inc. As a reseller for HSM, and more importantly on behalf of CADD Edge and the integrity and honesty with which we run our business, I personally want to reassure each of you that we had no prior knowledge of this acquisition. Unfortunately, HSMWorks personnel made this decision without informing their territorial resellers and we, like most of you, became aware of this acquisition news via the Press Release.

As a result, our contract with HSMWorks has been discontinued effective immediately with the ability to provide product support through 10/31/2012.

With that said, CADD Edge personnel will be here to complete any outstanding technical issues that you may have had. We understand that there may be questions in terms of product development and platform support. Quite frankly, we are not privy to any of that information and have not been made aware of any further plans by HSMWorks or Autodesk, aside from the FAQ’s listed below.

Finally, we believe it to be of paramount importance to remind you that CADD Edge had every intention of a long and mutually beneficial relationship with HSMWorks. Much time and effort was spent by many in researching and implementing what we believed to be the most advanced, integrated and powerful CAM software for your SolidWorks systems. It is most unfortunate that the decision has been made by HSMWorks to continue in a different direction.

We appreciate the opportunities to work with your organizations and remain committed to your future success.

Kind regards,

Brendan J. McKenna

HSMWorks Business Development Manager"

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn


As a Solidworks / HSMWorks user, I think we all just got hosed. IMO support will drop at the end of 2013 and HSMWorks will run only on Autodesk products. Thanks HSMWorks.

Scott Jones

Jon Banquer must have a doomsday bunker, he is so negative.
Autodesk bought Moldflow, does it work with SW - YES
Autodesk Bought Blue Ridge numerics, Does it work with SW - Yes

Jon Banquer

HSMWorks users were getting "hosed" by very slow development on HSMWorks that has gone on for years now. Machine simulation was over a year late, part simulation wasn't very good and HSMWorks still doesn't keep track of a stock model. In addition, HSMWorks has no way to properly manage multi-part machining.

A program like TopSolid CAM 7 is light years ahead of HSMWorks.

I'm not sure what Autodesks intentions really are for HSMWorks. If Autodesk uses a dual strategy of cloud for Makers and they don't force serious machine shops and manufactures to the cloud I can see Autodesk having good success with HSMWorks fully integrated into Inventor.

No one I know of that has to deal with ITAR regulations will put anything on the cloud and they wont rent or pay a monthly fee either. Autodesk CEO Carl Bass is in for a rude awaking if he tries to force commercial manufactures and machine shops to the cloud because they will dump Autodesk products in a freaking heartbeat if this happens.

Autodesk already has some very capable CAM people who have great track records. One was the head of R&D during Gibbscam best years.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn


A disclosure as to the nature of the CAMWorks code was made in 2007 here:


The strategy allows vendors like TekSoft to tap into the research and development departments of several other companies. "I'd need around 400 people if I were to match all of the R&D engineers that I leverage into my products through these ISV and third-party associations around the world," estimates Coleman. He, in turn, sells some of his company's modules to other computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software developers.

"In the past, the strategy was to develop everything yourself," he adds. "The downside of doing that is you can't offer the best of class in everything. You typically have a technology that you excel at, and are mediocre at everything else. So the customer might get the best threeaxis milling package available, but get a lousy lathe or EDM package with no sheetmetal capability...

He notes that more manufacturers are asking for highspeed machining (HSM). "Rather than pretending that a couple of guys in the back room can come up with everything that we need, we buy our HSM algorithms from a third party that devotes 10–15 programmers to developing just the HSM modules," he says. This third party can afford to invest more in the module than most other developers because selling it to companies allows it to amortize the cost over a larger user base.

Jon Banquer

"Jon Banquer must have a doomsday bunker, he is so negative."

I've lost track of all the broken promises CADCAM companies have made over the many years I've been involved with CADCAM.

I'm not a fanboi and I know how badly the CADCAM business needs to change.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

Jon Banquer

I had a nice conversation with the HSMWorks reseller who created training videos for HSMWorks on the phone Thursday and he's very ticked off. HSMWorks totally screwed him. A lot of the work that he did, he did for nothing.

I was offered this work before he was and I turned it down as it was piece work with nothing permanent. The specific job I turned down was writing tool tips for HSMWorks. I would have been happy to do it if I felt HSMWorks had a real commitment to documenting their product. In discussions I had with the person who was running HSMWorks in the US nothing convinced me that HSMWorks was serious about correcting the numerous problems I knew they had and that I had discussed with him and HSMWorks owner for at least 3 years prior.

To me it's truly very sad how little HSMWorks wanted to spend for documentation and proper marketing. HSMWorks wanted both for free and sadly they got a lot of it for free.... but not from me.

This former reseller said he was aware of what I've had to say about how far behind HSMWorks was on development. He told me that he completely agreed with everything I have has to say on blogs and on Twitter for the last year in regards to the serious problems I feel HSMWorks has. His big concern at the moment is finding a CAM solution he can supply to accounts that he has sold HSMWorks to.

He asked for my recommendation. I told him at this point in time I don't have one and that I have grave concerns with other CAM products that run inside of SolidWorks and their management as well.

I also spoke with another HSMWorks reseller who is now actively looking for a CAM system to replace HSMWorks. He also asked which company I would select. I gave him same answer as above.

It will be interesting to see if any CAM company wants to work with some of the former HSMWorks resellers and reaches out and offers them something concrete.

Jon Banquer CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

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